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BetFair Casino Reviews Of Promotions & Bonuses If you’re looking for a good bonus to get you started, Our Betfair Review shows this site has a decent offer to boost your initial...

BetFair Casino Reviews Of Promotions & Bonuses

If you’re looking for a good bonus to get you started, Our Betfair Review shows this site has a decent offer to boost your initial bankroll. The standard sign-up bonus of 100% up to £100 is respectable, but isn’t too high by the standards of other sites (although this can be up to £1,000 just for slots.) Yet you can also get an easy £5 no-deposit bonus, a prospect which is proving increasingly rare on online casinos now, and get a simple £10 free for betting £10 in addition to the other bonuses.

Our Betfair casino reviews have shown regular promotions, however, offer some better value, as for regular and loyal customers, it’s difficult to top many of the promotions on offer. Promotions, such as regaining some of your losses in blackjack, come and go; they are posted monthly, and you can also get bonuses for referring friends. Betfair also offers a structured bonus system in addition, where regular customers will be rewarded for how much they deposit. For high-rollers and regular players, this can be a great way to keep your bankroll ticking over.

Ultimately our Betfair review shows that the bonuses on offer are pretty good. While they won’t be as eye-catching for new customers as other sites, the option to test the site for free with a no-deposit bonus is always a massive plus, while the regular promotions can be very good for regular players. If you’re just looking to claim as much back on your deposit as possible, you can do better elsewhere, but over the long term, you’ll be better off at Betfair.

BetFair Casino Reviews Best Games To Play

Although Betfair Reviews show this site doesn’t offer quite as huge a variety as some of its competitors, with over 100 slots, over 50 table games, and a wide variety of video poker games in addition to Betfair poker and Betfair bingo, very few people will feel that there’s not enough here to satisfy them. The games are all top quality too, with relatively little filler and live dealers on many of the games, including blackjack and roulette, which is a huge advantage and makes for a much more engaging experience.

Where Betfair really comes into its own, however, is the zero lounge, a host of games where the house advantage is eliminated with the right strategy (which is willingly given out on the website). For more experienced and regular gamblers, it’s hard to find much of a better deal than that. Of course, you won’t get bonuses on these games, since that would skew the advantage to the player and effectively make them free money, but if you’re in it for the long haul and want to reduce your losses (who doesn’t?) then this is a great way to play. Just be aware that you can very likely still lose money here, with your earnings and losses only approaching zero over time the more you bet – although Betfair has several built-in ways to help you gamble responsibly.

BetFair Review Of Software & Gaming Graphics

Betfair’s software is top of the range, and although it doesn’t use quite as wide a range of providers as some of its competitors, the quantity remains enough to satisfy most gamblers – any more would be verging on overkill. The only problem is that the choice on Betfair can be a bit of a problem as the site isn’t as easy to navigate as some others – if you want to have a look at a few different slots, for example, to find out the rules and payout structure, you’ll have a hard time, having to click through to different pages each time and making it difficult to compare games and prizes.

Despite that, all of the games on offer are high quality, so you won’t go too far wrong. Although Betfair doesn’t have a dedicated casino app, the site runs smoothly on a wide variety of devices, so you shouldn’t have any problems if you prefer to game on your mobile or tablet. The technology keeping everything running is solid and at the highest industry standards, and although the site can sometimes be irritating to navigate around and flick between different games to find the one that suits you best, technical problems seem to be extremely rare, and rapidly solved when they do occur.

BetFair Casino Review Of Online Support

With Betfair being a huge, established company, their customer support department is excellent. You can get in touch through live chat, phone or Twitter 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the staff are helpful at responding to any problems and getting them sorted as quickly as possible. Professionalism is something you can expect when you use Betfair, and unlike with smaller casinos, you won’t have to worry about having them look after your money or about gaming here.

While online chat with live advisors 24/7 is a standard expectation for a lot of online casinos now, the usefulness of Betfair’s system, combined with being able to access support through a variety of methods at any hour, makes them really stand out if anything does go wrong. The website in general seems to run perfectly with relatively few hitches, and there have been very few reports of any problems with either using the site or withdrawing and depositing money. But if you are unlucky enough to come across a problem, you can rest assured the Betfair team will take care of it as quickly as possible, which is a comfort to anyone, particularly if you’re gaming with higher sums of money.

BetFair Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

We found in our Betfair casino review that few companies can compete with Betfair when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, with an excellent service on offer. Firstly, card withdrawals will take two to five working days to go through, and in practice this is almost always at the shorter end of the scale, one of the quickest waiting times around in online casinos. Secondly, a huge variety of payment offers are available, including PayPal (although these aren’t currently available on mobile, but are planned for the near future. You can still deposit on your mobile account with them, you’ll just have to use the main site to do so). Thirdly, the PayPal option will only take a maximum of 24 hours, often allowing you to get hold of your cash on the same day.

With so many options backed up by the excellent customer service team at Betfair, when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money, you should have a smooth and easy experience without any worries or hassle. You’ll also be able to get your hands on your well-earned winnings more quickly than is the norm for most online casinos, particularly if you take the option to use PayPal, which is a huge positive, no matter what level you’re gambling at.

BetFair Casino Payout Policy

Another area where BetFair Reviews show this site excels is in the payout policy at the casino. The reported levels of payouts have been as high as over 98%, meaning you won’t be majorly out of pocket in the long run. The Zero Lounge boosts that to 100%, an incredible opportunity for anyone who’s serious about gambling or wants to persist for the long haul, and something that you won’t find anywhere else. Betfair also has independent companies assess the fairness of their games and their random number generators, so you can be sure you won’t be getting cheated.

Our Betfair casino review shows that the only problem with Betfair in this regard is that for more serious gamers, Betfair can be a bit difficult to find out the exact structures, with information like payout audits often withheld, and other information not always available for many of their games. While the superb reported payout rates, the zero lounge and the independent verification should set your mind at ease, if you’re wanting to know in minute detail what you’re getting for your money, you might have a hard time finding that out on Betfair. In general though, particularly when compared relatively to the online casino world, Betfair will keep your losses at a minimum.

BetFair Casino Pros & Cons


  • Some of the best payouts on any online casino, with a very low rate of losses over time which will be great for long-haul players and high rollers.
  • The zero lounge, another great positive for regular gamers, which offers a unique service of 100% payouts that can’t be found anywhere else in online casinos, with BetFair even providing the strategy to take the most of the offer.
  • Excellent customer support and the backing of an established, professional company to put customers’ minds at ease.
  • A high and professional standard of games, with live dealers on many table games.
  •  Good bonuses available, including no-deposit ones to allow you to try out the casino without risk.
  • Great features such as exchange games, allowing you to bet on other players taking part in games.
  • A good withdrawal system which allows you to access your winnings with a minimum of fuss and quicker than most online casinos.
  • Payments to a wide variety of countries and with a wide variety of different systems to give a global experience.


  • Welcome bonuses aren’t the largest around and other websites may prove more attractive for big first-time deposits.
  • Many of the advantages can be skewed towards regular players – occasional players might not get the most out of the offers.
  • Website not always easy to navigate between games and can be difficult to compare different games against each other.
  • Not quite as much variety as some other online casinos.

BetFair Casino In Summary

With Betfair being a large, established company, you can be pretty secure in choosing to game here and dealing with them as a company. The customer support and level of professionalism throughout the whole experience is one of, if not the, best on offer in the online casino world. For serious gamblers, the payout levels are also excellent, with the Zero Lounge offering an experience that no other casino can compete with, and will even give you the details of how to get the most out of it. Over the long haul, almost nowhere comes out looking better than Betfair.

If you’re a regular player at casinos, then it’s hard to find many places better than Betfair. The huge payouts, bonuses to reward loyal customers, and excellent service make it a great site for people to gamble regularly on. Those who are only occasional players may find that they don’t get the most out of Betfair, although they’re still free to take advantage of the no-deposit bonus to try it out. The difficulty of comparing some games can be a problem, but many of the table games are pretty self-explanatory.

Overall, Betfair still has something for everyone. Even if you’re a casual gambler, there’s still plenty to recommend here and you can be assured of a great service throughout your time on the website, as well as a smooth experience with the minimum of problems. It’s easy to see why Betfair casino reviews rank the site as one of the best around.

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